Friday, July 6, 2012

Welcome to the new Classic Comics Press website!!!

Well I've finally gone and done it! Replaced the old Dreamweaver created website with a brand new format! I've been looking around for a better alternative to the site for well over a year - and here you have it! Easier to order, better navigation, Facebook online store integration, you don't have to use PayPal, and a heck of a lot easier for me to update! 

Running a one-man operation like this can be a bit time-consuming, so anything I can find to speed up the mundane, day-to-day chores that come with running any business is tops in my book. The original Classic Comics Press web site was created in Dreamweaver 3.0 (current version 12.0) and if any of you out there are familiar with the complexities and variables that are introduced when you upgrade software, you'll understand why I made the jump out of Dreamweaver and into Shopify. I just couldn't spend the time I wanted to redo the original site, especially when you factor in the desire to add a bit more functionality, the acceptance of credit cards, and a better way to manage sales. [Damn! This is beginning to sound like a plug for]

Now I can spend more time working on additional volumes of Mary Perkins On Stage, Juliet Jones, Cisco Kid, and the rest of the gang! The site is currently in a state of flux, so check back often. Soon I'll be adding an updated publishing schedule in the Coming Soon page. At the same time I'll be announcing a few new publications that are in the early stages of development. 
I'll also be posting the occasional write-up on this blog with updates on coming publications, classic images, and more!

Charles Pelto
Classic Comics Press


  1. From Ivan: What can I say? Keep up the good work, and happy 4th of July!
    I am looking forward to Rusty!

  2. All the Very Best, Charles.

    Expecting Many more news and books from you.