Saturday, December 3, 2011

On Stage 9 - Cisco Kid 1

The comments on both Leonard Starr's On Stage Volume 9 and The Cisco Kid have started to come in and so far the reviews have been fairly positive, including a review on Amazon by Diego Cordoba, and a writeup by Wayne Markley on the Westfield Comic Blog.

I'm wrapping up some year-end business affair's and after that will begin posting a series of updates on next years publications. The plan is to publish On Stage 10 (YIKES!), Juliet Jones Volume 4, Cicso Kid Volume 2, and the first volume of Rusty Riley dailies. I'm also looking into reprinting the Sundays in Color but I'm just at the beginning stages of this so don't expect to see it for awhile.

For Volume 10 of On Stage we have and introduction from Al Milgrom.

The strips for Rusty Riley have all been scanned and I'm now in the process of cleaning. For newspaper clippings that are 62 years old, the result is really good.

Cisco Kid volume 2 is also scanned and in the process of being put together. At some point I'll be posting a list of any dates I might be looking for and if any of you have original Salinas art out there, please contact me, I'd love to keep using original panels for the cover to carry out the theme throughout the 8 volumes.

Charles - Classic Comics Press


  1. hello Charles,
    thanks for the great stuff you've published so far.
    'worried about the absence of new posts on this blog in quite a while.
    'hope you're well.

  2. At some point I will be posting more updates but right now it's way too busy... Stay tuned.

  3. Charles, I got started on the Mary Perkins series last summer - I have vol 2-4 but have had trouble finding the first volume! Any suggestions?
    J.Gilpin (CCG Coordinator)