Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cisco Kid Update - 5/12/2011

Volume 1 is finally taking shape and I've now made it through the second pass. At this point I have a lot of cleaning and straightening to do but it's looking damned nice.

Volume 1 will cover the dates - January 15, 1951 to January 31, 1953 and will be out this Fall with a scheduled release date of October 15th along with Volume 9 of Leonard Starr's Mary Perkins On Stage.

But...I am missing 1 daily - 9/22/1951 - so if there are any collectors out there who can help me out please by all means contact me through the group or at

If possible I'd also like to replace 8/26/1952, 12/25/1952 and 1/7/1953 - my source for these have the Cisco Kid logo at the bottom left of the first panel and I'd love to replace them with something better if possible. No worries if you have the daily with the logo at the top - I can make a composite, replacing the logo with new source if possible.

I'll be posting more on my progress on the first volume of Cisco in the coming weeks on the Classic Comics Press website.

Classic Comics Press

P.S. And for all of those who have been asking - I will be printing the first volume of Rusty Riley dailies sometime in 2012. Along with the next volumes of Juliet Jones (possibly Sundays) and Big Ben Bolt.


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  2. You probably get this kind of suggestion a lot, but wouldn't things be easier if somebody like IDW bought you out and put you on their payroll?

    You're doing a great job on your own, but I'm surely not the only one thinking that some kind of deal with a bigger publisher would be advantageous for everyone.

  3. Hey! All they have to do is contact me and offer me a deal. I've always wanted to live in the south of France. :)

  4. i am so grateful to see these strips finally reprinted in their entirety. salinas was one of the finest comic strip artists of all time, and his work deserves some first class treatment.
    keep up the great work!

  5. Hi! I'm a spanish big fan of comic strip art. I've recently discovered the great Rusty Riley and was wondering how's going the first volume, when it's gonna come out, etc. Thanks!! And keep up the good job!

  6. I've actually been working out the details on the first Rusty Riley volume of dailies and should have an announcement ready soon.

  7. Hey, thanks for the quick answer. Would you consider Carol Day as a future project?

  8. Hi Mr. Pelto ,
    I have anxiously been waiting for The Cisco Kid about 2 years and I would like to know if November 15th will be its definitive release date.
    PS: Congratulations for reprinting one of the best comic strip ever !!!

  9. Hi Charles ,
    Congratulations for your effort to reprint the terrific The Cisco Kid !
    I think that Jose Luis Salinas' s masterpiece would deserve a hardcover edition , don't you agree? By the way, releasing date will really be November 15th?
    Best wishes from Brazil,


  11. Hi , I would like to know when " The Cisco Kid" will be available in Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

  12. Thank you so much for rescuing these strips from relative (to their brilliant quality) obscurity. Artist's artists, both.

  13. Thanks for the kind words Paul. BTW - love your site!

  14. Hi Charles,
    Were you ever able to get the 9/22/1951 strip?.
    I'm anxiously waiting for volume one.
    Cisco's fan!!

  15. Yes I was - the book is now available!

  16. You say the book's now available - please tell me where's the order page/site???
    Breathless (well, almost) with excitement)
    Cisco Kid fan from Whitegate

  17. Great that you were able to get that missing strip! Were you able to also replace the 3 strips that you werent happy with the quality of?

  18. I got lucky near the end of production and received a nice set of dailies from Portugal. I had to strip out the Portuguese and replace with the English dialog, and in some cases had to reconstruct portions of the art with pieces from other sources. All in all it worked out better than I expected. I included a section in the back of the book explaining how the books dailies came together, who helped, and who deserved a hell of a lot of credit.

    Charles - Classic Comics Press

  19. Superb preservation effort! Love all your books and got nearly all of them. Greta job, keep it up! When in Vol 2 of Ben Bolt coming? Any chance of reprinting "Dr Kildare" or "Judd Saxon" from Ken Bald, or "Dateline Danger" from Alden McWilliams.
    Long may you last! Many Thanks!!!

  20. Thanks. No plans at this point to reprint Vol 2 of Big Ben Bolt - maybe in the future. Kildare,Saxon and Dateline. I'd be interested in Saxon or Kildare for sure.