Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rusty Riley 1 Mary Perkins 12 update...

Both books are now at the printer and we should have them ready for shipping by the end of January.

Mary Perkins Update 2

With volume 12 completed and at the printers, work has begun on the final three volumes of the series. All scanning has been completed and placement of the artwork on the pages has been done for all three volumes. Now it's a matter of straightening and cleaning up the art, as well as replacing a number of dailies and Sundays of poor quality. Leonard has already completed the artwork for Volume 13 (featured artwork) and is now finishing up the covers for Volumes 14 and 15.

My hope is that we finish up the rest of the series this year. The final 3 volumes break down as follows:

On Stage Volume 13 - January 14, 1974 to November 8, 1975 - Late Spring 2014
On Stage Volume 14 - November 9, 1975 to September 18, 1977 - Late Summer 2014
On Stage Volume 15 - September 19, 1977 to September 9, 1979 - Early Winter 2014

Note that these final 3 volumes will contain about 60 additional pages then the previous volumes normal page count of 264 pages. Despite these extra pages we will not be raising the price of individual volumes.

More updates to follow on these and other projects in the weeks to come.

Charles Pelto, Classic Comics Press

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